After 12 years of gaining experiences in organizing dance events Europe-wide, we decided to begin a new chapter in our story. We wanted to combine the learning experience with the unique summer adventure – so in 2014 we launched the first edition of the WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp, with our motto to offer our dancers:
The ultimate summer dance experience. Our mission is to organize a high quality dance event, through which participant will gain knowledge about urban dance styles and about urban culture. We want to create the atmosphere for young people where we encourage their social integration and social interaction and promote a healthy form of the lifestyle and entertainment.


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What is WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp?

WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp is an international summer dance festival designed for dancers. The event includes high quality dance workshops with the elite choreographers as well as diverse side events, parties, boat trips battles and showcases.

Where does The Beat Camp 2019 take place?

WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp 2019 takes place in Novalja on island Pag in Croatia.

What is the official address to the camp?

The main workshops are taking place in Novalja’s sportshall “Strasko” (Dvorana Strasko) at the crossroad of “Zeleni put” and “Slatinska Street”. Click HERE to see the location on the Google Map.

How much does Beat Camp cost?

We offer different packages and prices. If you want to see detailed prices for each package, you can find an overview of Packages and Prices HERE

Do you offer discounts?

We offer special deals when you book the camp earlier.  The prices may vary according to date of your registration: Kick Off deal, Early Bird, Pre-Sale and Regular price for registration are available.
If the payment has not been transferred to the Organizer according to appointed deadlines, the promotional prices no longer apply.

What level are The Beat Camp classes?

In general the classes are Intermediate to Advance level.

What is the age limit at WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp?

The age limit is 16 years. Participants who are not 18 years old at the time of the event are required to be accompanied with a guardian or parent on site. They must also fill the “Minor Release” form which can be found here.

How can I follow WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp online?

You can follow us on our social media; FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can contact us via contact form on our website. Please be aware that due to high amount of emails we receive each day, it can take longer to receive a reply. You might find your answer faster if you read carefully this FAQ page.
During the event, we will have a special Hotline where you will able to reach our team on-site. The number will be published on our “Contact page”, 3 days prior the event.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

Our updated terms and conditions are available here.

Registrations, payments and cancellations of The Beat Camp packages

How and where can I register?

You are able to register via our Registration Page. Registration for the Beat Camp 2019 starts on January 15th.

How can I pay for the camp?

We offer different Payment methods. Please not that at some payment methods you will need a Paypal account or a credit card in order to complete booking.

When choosing “One time payment”, Participant is obligated to pay the full amount of their chosen package at the time of submitting their registration form to the Organizer. Payment is made via bank transfer, Paypal or Credit Card. 

DEPOSIT + INSTALLMENT PAYMENT (Available for limited time only):
When choosing Installment payment, Participant is obligated to pay the Deposit
and additional service fee 30€ at the time of submitting their online registration to the Organizer. The rest of the full amount of their chosen package is paid according to their „Installment Plan” and the payment is completed in up to 5 parts.

It is mandatory to include the following information when making payments: SURNAME, FIRST NAME and “BEAT CAMP” as the transaction purpose. All bank charges and commissions are paid by the Participant and cannot be deducted from the Package’s fee.

Can I pay the fees for the Beat Camp in installments?

Yes. You can pay Beat Camp in Installments. You will have to choose the “Installment Payment” and pay the additional service fee.

What happens if I don’t complete my payments on time?

If payment deadlines are not met, the Organizer reserves the right to nullify the registration. In such case, additional Administrative charge may apply. Also if you booked the camp as a promotional offer and the payment has not been transferred to the Organizer according to appointed deadlines, the promotional prices no longer apply.

When do I need to book the Beat Camp?

The final bookings and payments need to be made before July 1st 2019.

How much does it cost to participate?

The packages and prices you can find here >>

What happens after registering online?

After you fill the Registration form and pay the deposit (or full amount) your booking will be processed. You will receive confirmation email that will include a document with the filled registration form.

What happens if I cancel the Beat Camp package?

All cancellations are free of charge if the WGS Events UG receives a written cancellation (via fax, regular mail or email) within 5 days after the online registration.

For cancellations after 5 working days the Organizer reserves the right to charge a fee equal to one-third of the total amount of the chosen package + a processing fee of 25€.

Special conditions in June and July:
Cancellations between June 1st and June 30th 2019: In case of a nullified registration, Organizer reserves the right to charge a fee equal to one-half of the total amount of the chosen package + a processing fee.
Cancellations from July 1st 2019 and after: In case of a nullified registration, Organizer reserves the right to charge the total amount of the chosen package.

What happens if I cancel the Beat Camp package due to the injury occured prior the event?

For Cancellations because of injury or illness before June 1st, 2019, paid fees will only be refunded if a medical certificate is provided to the Organizer. This regulation exempts the deposit of 250€ (or variable deposit amount when choosing “Installment payment”).

Can I get a refund if I get injured or sick during the vent?

No. For medical conditions occurred during the event, the Organizer is not obligated to refund any monies to the Participant.

I can't make it to the event. Can I get a refund?

No. Please read our cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions here.

The venue

Where and when is the check in?

The check-in for the camp is located in Novalja’s sportshall “Strasko” (Dvorana Strasko) at the crossroad of “Zeleni put” and “Slatinska Street”. The check-in is at the venue starting from 10 AM in the morning on August 1st 2018. The check-in closes at 4PM. If you will arrive later, please notify our team via email or the telephone number that will be provided on our contact page 1 week prior the event.

Should I always bring my passport/ID with me?


Are the showers available at the venue?


Am I allowed to film inside the venue?

Yes. But please do not disturb the classes, rather wait until the end of the class.

Am I allowed to photograph inside the venue?

Yes, you can take photos before or after the classes and during the breaks.

Is it possible to lock up private belongings at the venue?


Can my friends or family members watch me during the classes?

We do not allow other visitors to the dance room. Outside the venue, we have area, where parents can wait until end of the class.

Am I allowed to smoke at the venue?

Yes, but not indoors. It is possible to smoke in the chill out area. And thank you very much in advance for not spreading butt-ends all over the place.

General rules at the Beat Camp:

Participants must show an acceptable standard of behavior and conduct themselves appropriately or they will be asked to leave the event. Paid fees will not be refunded.

As a participant of the event we ask you to be aware of the fact that you spend the week with a group of people and must recognize the rules of this community. The instructions of all supervisors have to be followed.

Taking video recordings, audio recordings or photographs of classes without the organizers consent are prohibited.

Consumption of alcohol or other illicit substances by participants on the grounds of the camp location is strictly forbidden. This will result in immediate eviction and cancellation of your ticket. Further costs as a consequence of that are borne by the participant.

Is there Wi-Fi at the venue?


Classes and Schedule

Who are the artists who will teach at the Beat Camp 2018?

All artists you can find on our “Artists” page

I registered online but I have not received any correspondence from you. What should I do?

Please wait a couple of days. Our team usually process your registration within 5-10 working days. Otherwise you can contact us via Contact Form.

Can artists and teachers on the line up change?

Yes. We are always doing what is in our power to bring the artists from our line up to the event. But sometimes changes occur depending on artists’ availabilities. In such case, the Organizer reserves the right to change the line-up of teachers and activities of the event at Organizer’s discretion and without notice.

What level are classes?

In general the classes are Intermediate – Advance level. But everyone are welcome to join.

How many dance courses does my package include?

Please see detailed “Packages and prices” here.

Which classes are included in Full Beat Madness package?

When you book the “Full Beat Madness” package, all classes on “The Beat Camp Schedule” are included. You are not obligated to take all of them, but you can freely choose among all classes and create your daily schedule according to your wishes.

Which classes are included in Hop To the Beat (1-Day) Package?

The Hop to the Beat Package includes only classes on the day you select at the registration. You will be able to select the dates before the event will begin and the schedule will be finalized.

What are “Starmoves” classes? Are they different from regular classes?

Some Classes on the schedule are marked as “Starmoves” classes. They are the same as regular classes on the camp. However, after each Starmoves class, you have a chance to take part in Starmoves Auditions, where choreographer will choose dancers, who will be able to be part of the Starmoves video shooting on-site.

Is the Starmoves choreography difficult to learn?

The Starmoves choreography is the same level as any other classes, that means Intermediate – Advanced.

Do I have to take part at Starmoves Auditions?

No. You don’t have to take part at the auditions for video shooting if you don’t want to.

When will the Starmoves Audition take place?

After the Starmoves class on the same day.

Can I re-sell, or give my unused classes, to another person?

No. All Beat Camp packages and classes are not transferable to another person.

Is it possible to take private lessons from the teachers?


Accommodation and Facilities

Where are the facilities for Beat Camp accommodation located?

All Beat Camp Accommodation facilities are located approx. 5-10 min walking distance from the venue.

How do I book Beat Camp Accommodation?

You are able to book Beat Camp accommodation at Step 2 of our online Registration form.

Can I book Beat Camp accommodation if I am not participant of the Beat Camp?

If you are accompanionig your friend or child that attends the Beat Camp, you are able to book the Beat Camp accommodation. For such inquiries please contact us via Contact Form.

Can I switch the accommodation type during the camp?

No. Changing your accommodation arrangement on site without the authorization of a Supervisor is forbidden.

What kind of Beat Camp Accommodation types are available and what are the prices?

Please see all Beat Camp Accommodation types and prices here >>

Can I smoke at the Beat Camp Accommodation?

No. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside all accommodation types. You can smoke outside on the terrace or balcony.

What are general House rules at the Beat Camp accommodation?

1. You are obligated to maintain the apartment and return it in the same condition as you found it: tidy and undamaged.
2. Final cleaning is included in price, but you can be charged extra if the apartment is not left in a reasonable condition, with a messy kitchen, displaced inventory and dirty appliances. Take your garbage out daily and before you’re leaving.
3. From 22:00h till 08:00h you are not allowed to produce noise that could disturb others.
4. It is not allowed to take the apartments inventory (furniture, equipment, bedding, towels…) outside of the apartment. You can serve food on the terrace, but you must take all the inventory back to that apartment, to prevent damage and it being mixed with the inventory of other apartments.
5. Close all windows and doors before you turn the air conditioning on. That is the only way it can be effective. When you are leaving the apartment turn the air conditioning off.
6. Smoking inside is not allowed, but feel free to smoke on the terrace.
7. When you’re leaving the apartment, please close the windows and lock the doors to prevent damage caused by wind or rain and to enhance security.
8. Guests are responsible for their personal belongings and valuables.
9. In case of any damage or failure, the guest is required to report it to the host as soon as possible. The guest who intentionally, or accidentally causes damage, will have to reimburse the host for the full amount of the occurred damage.
10. On the day of departure, the guest is obligated to invite the host to check the apartment and make sure no damage was made.
11. If you decide to cut your agreed stay earlier, or in case of accommodation cancellation due to violation of house rules, the guest will be charged the entire amount for the reserved period, regardless of the shorter stay.

With whom will I share my room?

You will be sharing the room with other Beat Camp participants. We will divide the participants according to their gender or their wishes.

If I want to book the Beat Camp accommodation together with my friends, how do I proceed?

If you wish to stay in the room with your friends, please make sure you write us their names in the comment field on the Registration form. Please note, that we may not be able to meet your request if your friends will not complete the payments on time, or they will book another accommodation type. Should you have any concerns, you can contact us via Contact form on our website.

Why do I have to pay a deposit at the check-in of the Beat Camp Accommodation?

The deposit of 30€ / person is to assure that you and your fellow Beat Camp participants will leave the accommodation in the same condition as you found it. At the check-out, the owners will check the apartment/room and will return you the deposit, if everything will be left the same as it was at your arrival.

What time and how can I check in at the Beat Camp Accommodation?

None of the The check-in is after 2PM (14:00) on the day of arrival. You will be escorted to your accommodation by a member of our team.

What time do I have to check-out at the Beat Camp Accommodation?

The check-out is before 9AM (09:00) on the day of departure.

Can I cancel the Beat Camp Accommodation after I booked it?

Yes. If the Participant, upon cancelling the reserved accommodation unit, finds a new client for the same accommodation unit, the Organizer charges only the costs caused by the change (25€ – 50€).

For a cancellation occurring up to 90 days before the start of using the service booked the Organizer charges 100€ + administrative charge on behalf of handling and administrative charges.

For a cancellation occurring less than 90 days and up to 60 days before the start of using the service booked the Organizer charges the half of the total price of the accommodation booked + administrative charge on behalf of handling and administrative charges.

For a cancellation occurring less than 60 days and up to 30 days before the start of using the service booked the Organizer charges two thirds of the total price of the accommodation booked + administrative charge on behalf of handling and administrative charges.

Why do I have to pay Croatian Tourist Tax (10€) when booking Beat Camp Accommodation?

All Croatian accommodation providers are obligated to register their guests and hold a certificate of registration for each guest in any commercial accommodation facilities (hotels, suite hotels, resorts, apartments, camps, guesthouses, hostels, private accommodation, marinas and etc.). The administrative costs that occur, are paid as tourist tax, which is 1€ per night for each person.

Do I need to bring my own sheets, pillowcases, towels?

No. Sheets, Towels and pillowcases are provided in all Beat Camp Accommodation types.

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