After 12 years of gaining experiences in organizing dance events Europe-wide, we decided to begin a new chapter in our story. We wanted to combine the learning experience with the unique summer adventure – so in 2014 we launched the first edition of the WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp, with our motto to offer our dancers:
The ultimate summer dance experience. Our mission is to organize a high quality dance event, through which participant will gain knowledge about urban dance styles and about urban culture. We want to create the atmosphere for young people where we encourage their social integration and social interaction and promote a healthy form of the lifestyle and entertainment.

Alexander Chung

Alexander Chung

Alexander Chung was raised in Edmonton, Canada by a family that fostered a deep love of dance and creative expression.

He has choreographed and danced for esteemed performers such as Sean Kingston, Becky G, Jesse McCartney, B2K and John Dough; corporate brands Danceon, Bose and Honda; and touring productions America’s Best Dance Crew, Hip-Hop Saved My Life, and Unity in Diversity.

As an owner and lead choreographer/instructor for the popular Kore Dance Studios in Edmonton, Alexander has refined both his unique choreographic voice and instruction techniques that speak compellingly to expert level and beginning level students alike.

Under Alexander’s guidance, Kore Dance Studio’s dancers and crews have assembled an impressive array of competition titles in Canada and internationally. Alexander’s work with individual dancers includes his mentoring and choreography for YouTube hip-hop sensation Taylor Hatala from the time that she was 9 years old.

In recent years, Alexander has travelled the world working as a choreographer, dance instructor and competition judge at prestigious conventions and workshops. He has taught master classes in England, Israel, Mexico, Germany, China, Switzerland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands, and across North America.

His unique choreography has also been on display at The Carnival: Choreographers Ball in Hollywood. Having recently relocated to Los Angeles, Alexander is now a featured instructor at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, from where he will continue to raise the bar for hip-hop performers and performances.