After 12 years of gaining experiences in organizing dance events Europe-wide, we decided to begin a new chapter in our story. We wanted to combine the learning experience with the unique summer adventure – so in 2014 we launched the first edition of the WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp, with our motto to offer our dancers:
The ultimate summer dance experience. Our mission is to organize a high quality dance event, through which participant will gain knowledge about urban dance styles and about urban culture. We want to create the atmosphere for young people where we encourage their social integration and social interaction and promote a healthy form of the lifestyle and entertainment.

General Terms & Conditions

Updated: January 21, 2019


WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp 2019 is regulated by the following terms and conditions:

General information

1. WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp, consecutively referred to as ‘Event’, is organized by: WGS Events UG, Ziegelbrennerstr. 5, 70374 Stuttgart, Germany, consecutively referred to as ‘Organizer’.
2. The Organizer will provide high standard dance lessons through their faculty of teachers to every participant of the event.
3. The Organizer reserves the right to change the line-up of teachers and activities of the event at Organizer’s discretion and without notice.
4. The Event is intended for persons 16 years old and above. See “Additional information for legal guardians” for further Information about underage participants.

Booking and deposit information

5. To book a spot at the event, all application forms and full payments must be submitted no later than the appointed deadline (1st of July 2019).
6. Booking and submitting the online registration form through our online application is automatically legally and contractually binding. This means that the payments are mandatory.
7. If you want your booking to be confirmed immediately, the deposit must be transferred to the upon registration to the Organizer directly. The minimum deposit at registration is 250€ and is non-refundable in any case.
8. The Organizer cannot allow a student to start the course without full payment and on-site accreditation at the check in.
9. Spaces are subject to availability and the organizer will not take responsibility for any flight or other travel expenses lost due to spaces being unavailable.


10. Participant’s registration fees must be paid as part of the registration process. The full registration fee must be paid no later than 1st of July 2019. The participants will receive a confirmation after completion of the full payment.
11. Participant can choose between „One-time Payment” or “Deposit + Installment Payment” method. Please read carefully the instructions for each method of payment.
DEPOSIT + INSTALLMENT PAYMENT (Only available for registrations before June 1st, 2019):
When choosing Installment payment, Participant is obligated to pay the Deposit and additional service fee of 30 € at the time of submitting their online registration to the Organizer. The rest of the full amount of their chosen package is paid according to “Installment Plan” where Participant will pay monthly payments for their chosen package via bank transfer. For details see “Installment Plan”. ONE TIME PAYMENT (via Bank Transfer or via Paypal or Credit Card):
When choosing “One-time payment via Bank Transfer”, your booking does not become valid immediately. Participant is obligated to pay the full amount of their chosen package in 5 days after submitting their registration form to the Organizer. Payment is made via bank transfer to the Organizer’s account. The Participant must pay bank provisions deducted during the bank transfer. After the respective amount arrives on Organizer’s bank account, the participants will receive a confirmation and the booking will become valid.
If you choose the option``One-time Payment via Paypal or Credit Card`` your booking becomes valid immediately after completed payment.
12. Bank Transfer the respective amount must be transferred to the following account:
Company name: WGS Events UG
Account No.: 8095990
Bank code/routing: 60050101
Bank: BW Bank Stuttgart
IBAN: DE58 6005 0101 0008 0959 90
It is mandatory to include the following information when making payments: SURNAME, FIRST NAME and “BEAT CAMP” as the transaction purpose. All bank charges and commissions are paid by the Participant and cannot be deducted from the Package’s fee.
13. If payment deadlines are not met, the organizer reserves the right to nullify the registration. In case of a nullified registration the payments are nonrefundable. In such case, additional Administrative charge may apply.

Special Offers, Kick Off Deal, Early Bird Registration

14. If the payment has not been transferred to the Organizer according to appointed deadlines, the promotional prices no longer apply.
15. Each promotion code is valid for a limited time only. Organizer reserves the right to modify or cancel it at any time. Promo codes cannot be used towards previous purchases. Certain packages are excluded from promo codes. For the promo code to apply, it must be entered prior to completing your online registration.

Cancellation through Organizer and refund policy

16. In case the event planned by the Organizer is cancelled, the amount already paid for the Event, will be refunded.
17. Organizer shall not be liable for any delay or failure to carry out the event, if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control, including force
majeure, strikes, lock outs, accidents, war, fire etc. In this case the Organizer is not obligated to refund any part of the participant’s fees or any other kind of expenses occurred such as travel expenses, accommodation, etc.
18. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program and/or performers (choreographers). Any such changes will not result in a refund for registered participants.

Cancellation through Participant and refund policy

19. All cancellations are free of charge if the WGS Events UG receives a written cancellation (via fax, regular mail or e-mail) within 5 days after the online registration.
20. For cancellations occurred after 5 days from the date of online registration and until May 31st, 2019, the Organizer reserves the right to charge a fee equal to total amount of the chosen package. In such case, the Organizer will keep deposit of 250€ and the rest of the amount will be granted for the next Beat Camp Event in 2020.
21. Paid fees will only be refunded in the case of illness/injury and only if a medical certificate is provided to the Organizer until May 31st, 2019. This regulation exempts the deposit of 250€.
22. For cancellations after May 31st, all fees are non-refundable in any case.
23. For medical conditions occurred during the event, the Organizer is not obligated to refund any monies to the Participant.

Shuttle Transfer from Zadar airport

24. The organizer offers the Airport shuttle service from Zadar airport, on 27th of July 2019, from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. The price for the shuttle service is 40€ per person, if there are at least three passengers in the shuttle. If there are less than three passengers, the cost per person is higher. To be eligible for the shuttle service, you must provide your arrival flight number and time of arrival at Zadar airport, before July 10th, 2019 to our email, otherwise the Organizer will not be able to provide the service.
25. In case of cancellation of the Event organizers will not reimburse participants' pre-arranged travel expenses.

Bus Transfer

26. Participants of the Beat Camp and their companions have the possibility to book the bus transfer from/to the Event from the following countries/cities of departures: Germany: departure cities STUTTGART, MUNICH and Austria: SALZBURG, VILLACH, VIENNA and GRAZ. Each ticket includes 2-way ride from/to departure city of choice.
27. To secure the spot on the bus the total amount of the transfer must be paid by June 1st, 2019 the latest. A refund is excluded in all cases.
28. Each Participant must abide the rules of the bus company which will they receive prior the departure. Should a Participant violate the rules, the driver is authorized to prevent the continuation of the journey at any time. Furthermore, each Participant is obligated to carry a valid travel document (identity card / passport).

Legal Responsibility

29. Participants are advised to have travel/health insurance in case of injury/illness or circumstances requiring medical treatment or hospitalization.
30. Participants with an existing injury attend the event at their own risk. The participant is responsible for considering his or her personal health and safety needs when applying for or attending the event. If the participant suffers from any health or other medical conditions that can present a risk to them or others while abroad he or she should not register.
31. Due to the nature of the event the organizer cannot take responsibility for any injury (self-inflicted or caused by third party) or personal illness during the event. Personal accident insurance and health insurance are the responsibility of the participant or their parents/legal guardians.
32. Organizer cannot take responsibility for any missing, damaged or stolen personal belongings – including mobile phones - these are the responsibility of the participant.
Duty of cooperation
33. Participants must show an acceptable standard of behavior and conduct themselves appropriately or they will be asked to leave the event. Paid fees will not be refunded.
34. As a participant of the event we ask you to know you spend the week with a group of people and must recognize the rules of this community. The instructions of all supervisors must be followed.
35. Consumption of alcohol or other illicit substances by participants on the grounds of the camp location is strictly forbidden. This will result in immediate eviction and cancellation of your ticket. Further costs because of that, are borne by the participant.
Privacy Policy
36. The organizer takes the protection of your data very seriously and abides by the data protection act. The Organizer will not disclose your information to third parties. The Organize reserves the right to use them in promotional purposes.
37. The organizer and all choreographers reserve the right to make video and photo recordings for their own purposes. All the notes, photos, and videos made during the event belong to the Organizer and can be published and used for promotional purposes in the future.

Additional Information for minors and their legal guardians

38. By signing the registration form of a minor, the legal guardian will be liable for all payments.
39. The legal guardian of a minor cannot release the minor from any provision of the camp rules of conduct.

Acceptance of terms

40. By booking this camp these terms and conditions are accepted without exception.


General Terms and Conditions for the Implementation of Accommodation Booking Service:

General information

1. The organizer is under obligation to ensure the accommodation in the reserved accommodation units in the reserved period, except in the case of force majeure (war, riots, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, official authority interventions, etc.).

Content of the offer

2. Organizer's accommodation offers:
Private apartments: Apartment is a self-contained accommodation unit that consists of one or more rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom;
Double rooms: Room is a self-contained accommodation unit that includes a bathroom and fridge.
There is usually one self-contained accommodation unit in the house where the owners or the owner's family live. Apartments/Rooms will be shared with other participants of the WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp. The standard apartment is a bit bigger and furnished more modern than the basic apartment.
3. If participants have special requests about their roommates, they should inform the organizer at least 30 days prior the beginning of the event. Participants with no preferred roommates will be paired with other camp participants according to availability. Organizer is not obligated to meet their request if the selected room type is not available anymore.


4. The reservation is fully valid only when received the full payment for accommodation. Participants will receive written confirmation about received monies via email.
5. If desired accommodation option is not available, Organizer will offer to Participants alternate option.


6. The full payment must be made by bank transfer within 5 days after the registration. When choosing ``Payment by Installment`` option, the full payment is made according to Participant's ``Installment Plan``. If the payment deadlines are not met, Organizer reserves the right to charge additional administrative fees.
7. When choosing ``Payment by Bank Transfer`` or ``Payment by Installment`` option, all payments must be made to:
Company Name: WGS Events UG
Account No.: 8587185
Bank Code/Routing: 60050101
Bank: BW Bank Stuttgart
IBAN: DE58 6005 0101 0008 0959 90
Full payment must be latest received on organizer’s bank account by July 1st, 2019.
8. By making the payment of the reservation the Participant certifies that he/she is completely familiarized with all the conditions under which the reservation of the accommodation service is provided. By making the payment all the conditions and terms specified in this contract become legal obligation for the Participant and Organizer.

Accommodation arrangement details and price

9. It can occur that the Participant will have to pay a cash deposit directly to the service provider on the arrival at the accommodation unit. This deposit is a guarantee for the service provider that the Participant will not cause any damage to the accommodation or its contents. On the day of departure, the entire deposit amount will be refunded to the Participant if the service provider agrees there has been no damage caused.

Service categorization and description

10. Upon Participant's arrival accommodation unit must be clean and tidy with clean bed linen. Bed linen is being changed on weekly basis for participants staying longer than one week.
11. The time of arrival at the accommodation unit is after 2:00 PM. Participants must check in at the Beat Camp on the day they arrive and check out at the reception/owner of the accommodation on the day they leave. The time of departure on the last day needs to be before 09:00 AM. The accommodation service provider needs 4 hours for cleaning and preparing the accommodation unit for the next client.
12. The service provider will personally give the keys to the Participant at the accommodation unit.

Changes and cancellation by the Organizer

13. The Organizer is entitled to suggest a change of a reserved accommodation or cancel it completely or partially if unexpected circumstances which cannot be avoided or removed (e.g. sanitary problems, etc.) occur prior to or during vacation period.
14. If the Organizer is in position to offer the Participant an alternative accommodation, the change of the reserved accommodation can be made only with the Participant's approval. If the alternative accommodation unit price is lower than the accommodation unit reserved by the Participant, The Organizer is under obligation to refund the price difference to the client. In that case, the Organizer bears the bank charges. If the alternative accommodation unit price is higher than the accommodation unit reserved by the Organizer, the Organizer is entitled to charge the Participant for the price difference.

Changes and cancellation by the participant

15. For a cancellation occurring up to 90 days before the start of using the service booked the Organizer charges 100€ + administrative charge (25€ - 50€) on behalf of handling and administrative charges.
16. For a cancellation occurring less than 90 days and up to 60 days before the start of using the service booked the Organizer charges the half of the total price of the accommodation booked + administrative charge on behalf of handling and administrative charges.
17. For a cancellation occurring less than 60 days and up to 30 days before the start of using the service booked the Organizer charges two thirds of the total price of the accommodation booked + administrative charge on behalf of handling and administrative charges.
18. For a cancellation occurring less than 30 days before the start of using the service booked the Organizer charges the total price of the accommodation booked on behalf of handling and administrative charges.
19. If the Participant, upon cancelling the reserved accommodation unit, finds a new client for the same accommodation unit, the Organizer charges only the costs caused by the change (depending on work and accommodation 25€ - 50€).

Participant’s obligations

20. Participant is under obligation:
• To possess valid travel documents.
• To pay the unsettled amount to the Organizer according to appointed deadlines the latest.
• To arrive at the accommodation facility with a group of people of an exact number and composition that the Organizer was previously notified of. If more people arrive at the accommodation facility than previously arranged with the Organizer, or if the group composition is different, the service provider can refuse to provide accommodation service to the unannounced people or request additional payment.
• To pay for self-inflicted damages in the accommodation.
• To obey the house rules of the accommodation unit booked and cooperate in good will with the service providers.
ATTENTION: Changing your accommodation arrangement on site without the authorization of a Organizer is forbidden!
21. If the Participant does not obey the above stated regulations, the Participant can be denied of accommodation service provision and in this case the Participant is not entitled to claim the compensation or the refund of the paid amount. Furthermore, the Organizer is not obligated to offer another accommodation.


22. The Organizer does not hold any responsibility for loss or damage of personal belongings, nor for stealing of personal belongings or valuable items from the accommodation unit. The report of lost, damaged or stolen personal belongings must be made by the Participant to the accommodation service provider (host) or to the nearest police station.

Acceptance of terms

23. By booking “Beat Camp Accommodation” these terms and conditions are accepted without exception.