After 12 years of gaining experiences in organizing dance events Europe-wide, we decided to begin a new chapter in our story. We wanted to combine the learning experience with the unique summer adventure โ€“ so in 2014 we launched the first edition of the WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp, with our motto to offer our dancers:
The ultimate summer dance experience. Our mission is to organize a high quality dance event, through which participant will gain knowledge about urban dance styles and about urban culture. We want to create the atmosphere for young people where we encourage their social integration and social interaction and promote a healthy form of the lifestyle and entertainment.

Koharu Sugawara

Koharu Sugawara

Koharu Sugawara will be visiting our dance camp for the third time and we are happy to welcome her back.

Also known as “Koko”, Koharu is one of the top dancers and choreographers in the Hip Hop dance community worldwide. Born and raised in Japan, she has worked with a lot of big Asian artists such as Vanness, Namie Amuro, X Japan and Endo Generation. Her goal is to make a bigger impact on the global scene. Koharu has been teaching at Movement Lifestyle studio in LA and performing with top choreographers in differing projects such as Shaun Evaristoโ€™s 2011 Carnival piece.

Popularly known for starring in a number of ad campaigns, as a Nike Athlete. Additionally she has been featured in campaigns for companies like Barney’s and Toyota. Before Fame she began dancing at the age of ten and had won contests like Dance Attack and Shonen Chample by her teens.